May 13, 2004

Making Music From DNA: Genomixer

Stanza is a UK-based multimedia artist who has taken the DNA from a sample of his own blood and used it as the basis for a fascinating collection of online artworks/interactive playthings. One of these is Open Source, in which Stanza's X chromosome has been translated into 25 different electronic instrument loops that can be mixed in real time. (Be warned: when you first open it, all the loops will be "on", so you'll get complete (but not entirely unenjoyable) cacophony.)

Because it's based on DNA, the range of notes/sounds in each loop isn't terribly wide. (After all, there are only 4 "letters" in the DNA alphabet - A, C, G and T.) So most of what you produce will sound like some epileptic Phillip Glass out-take. But still... its a pretty damn addictive time-waster! (And if you ever tire of it, you can always go buy a DNA-patterned bedspread from the "online store".)

Posted by Warren at May 13, 2004 10:33 PM | Interactive Stuff