May 17, 2004

Thhh-ehhh Fiiii-nnnalll E-e-e-pppiiiisoooode offf Ffff-rrieeeee-nnnndsssss

There is an excellent (if somewhat depressing) site called Exit Mundi, which catalogues the many ways in which “life as we know it” may come to an end. In addition to the usual nightmare scenarios of extinction by asteroids, climate change and killer robots, it contemplates the ultimate end-game for our species – the heat death of the universe

In one hundred trillion years time, when the stars are cold, dead embers and every last joule of energy in the universe is all but spent, our few surviving descendants will be forced to discard their bodies and become low-power-mode cyborgs. To converse energy, they will spend most of their time asleep. When they do wake, it will be into a slow-witted semi-conscious state where all new or original thought must be avoided (thinking new thoughts means discarding old ones which dissipates valuable energy.)

So what will they do for entertainment in this energy-depleted world of the far, distant future?... Well, might I suggest this – the soundtrack of the one-hour long final episode of Friends time-stretched to fill an entire three-hour radio show by WFMU DJ, Kenny G… (This strangely-compelling dirge - which has ensured that the much-loved sitcom will live on till the very end of time - begins about four minutes into the broadcast…) (via Sharpeworld)

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