July 21, 2004

Buck Truck, The Rappin' Trucker

Yes, its as godawful as the title suggests... Looped guitar pickin' and drum machine rhythms overlaid with lumpen doggerel about the truckin' life. Sample lyrics: Got my guitar on my shoulder / Gonna talk till we're both older / They say all I do is gab / Yeah I gab about the slab / I'm Buck Truck and you're in luck / Cause I'm here and I'm talkin' truck...

And there's a whole album of it which was (appropriately enough) found in a discount CD bin at a truck stop in Tennessee. It was posted on the This Is The Shit website but, at the moment, their downloads don't seem to be working (a Bit Torrent is promised in the near future). In the meantime, I've put two of the tracks up on Rummage: Buck Truck and Elvis Once Drove A Truck.

Posted by Warren at July 21, 2004 12:01 AM | Hip Hop