August 12, 2004

Audio-Blog Based Marketing, The Music Tastes Of Writers, And Flirting With Record-Store Girls

Online magazine The Morning News has an interesting round table discussion about mp3 blogs, with contributions from the audio-blogeurs behind Said The Gramophone, Tofu Hut, Cocaine Blunts & Hip Hop Tapes, Largehearted Boy, The Mystical Beast and Soul Sides. There’s a bit of entertaining musing about what will be lost when the meat-world record stores fall by the wayside (eg the opportunity to flirt with the cute record-store girl), a few quite plausible predictions about the increased role that mp3 blogs will play in music marketing, a consideration of the role of mp3 blog in music scholarship, and a rather heated discussion about whether or not writers have boring taste in music. Well worth checking out.

(FOOTNOTE: That point about mp3 blogs becoming increasingly important in record company marketing received solid confirmation in the last couple of days when Warner Brothers Records actually asked the mp3 blog Music For Robots to post mp3s from the new album by The Secret Machine... So, what happened to that argument about illegal file-sharers being the enemy of the music industry?...)

Posted by Warren at August 12, 2004 10:07 PM | Mp3 Blogs