August 26, 2004

When You Buy Pirated DVDs... You Support Terrorists

This isn't music related, but still I couldn't resist posting this pair of insanely hysterical anti-DVD-piracy posters from the UK. (And before you ask, yes they are for real. They're off the site of that country's film copyright watchdog.)

On the other side of the Atlantic, similar scare tactics are being employed by the MPAA whose web-site ominously declares: "You Can Click, But You Can't Hide"... As yet, I haven't seen an Australian equivalent but I look forward to billboards showing dastardly people-smugglers on sinking boats (which stay afloat only because they toss children overboard) lobbing pirated DVDs at Jana Pittman's beleagured knee. (Luckily, none of their throws hit the mark because they give up rowing 600m before the finish line.)

Posted by Warren at August 26, 2004 11:43 PM | Non Music