August 27, 2004

Metal Goddess Bellydancers

Ah yes, the metal madness never stops here at Rummage... Introducing Tazina, Teisha and Cleopatra, three women from New York who belly dance... to heavy metal music! This inspired marriage of head banging and hip shaking was dreamt up by the girls back in 2002 and first burst onto the scene in that year's Rakkasah festival (America's premier Mid Eastern folk festival) where the troupe ripped into a routine set to Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train". Since then, they've become something of a fixture on the metal festival circuit and their chief metalhead Tazina has scored regular gigs with NY Metallica tribute band, Master of Puppets. Apparently, it all works because "Metal has a lot of similiarities to Middle Eastern music"...
Videos of Tazina and the rest of the troupe in action can be found on their OTT "flaming casbah" website. (It even has an "is she hot or not?" page dedicated to Taz.)

Posted by Warren at August 27, 2004 06:35 PM | Metal