September 01, 2004

Booty Call!!!... In A Home-Recorded Stylee

I finally got my copy of Found, the coffee-table-book companion to the magazine of the same name, in the mail today and let me just say at the outset - its one of the funniest frickin' things I've read in a long time!!...
For those who don't already know, Found magazine is a publication devoted to notes, cards, letters, etc which people have stumbled across and submitted. Those which have found their way into the book are invariably hilarious, and include such gems as a warning about washing machine defecation, a series of acerbic teacher evaluations, an algebra test filled with spontaneous poetry, and the most pornographic to-do list ever compiled. In the midst of all the written ephemera, there is also a home-recorded demo cassette of booty-rap by a "some thugged-out white kids with a drum machine" from Ypsilanti, Michigan. Unfortunately, the cassette didn't come shrink-wrapped with the book, but there are some Real Audio/WMA streams on the Found magazine site... Head on over there now and get nasty with Yo Ass Is So Fine, Yo Shit Be Up In My Face and Wiggle On The Flo (NB: links are to the Real Audio samples because the encoding sounded slightly better)... And while you're there, download or buy the official Found magazine 7" single with four tracks inspired by found items.

Posted by Warren at September 1, 2004 06:47 PM | Hip Hop