September 21, 2004 Relaunched

To coincide with the birthday of late great outsider scat vocalist, Shooby Taylor, the official fansite has been relaunched. (For a brief background on Shooby, refer to this earlier posting.) On the design side, there are no major changes – a few new graphics and a busy (but not too obtrusive) background filled with transliterations of Shoobyisms. But the really interesting new addition is a previously unseen video of Shooby at an Apollo Theatre amateur night in 1983. Sadly, Shooby is on for only 20 seconds before the crowd erupts in a chorus of boos, and he is unceremoniously booted off. All deplorably disrespectful, but in those twenty seconds at least, Shooby cuts loose with his “air saxophone” and we get to see what a good performer he could’ve been… if given a chance.

(If you’re new to Shooby, make sure you go to the mp3 page and, at the very least, download his gloriously uninhibited version of Stout Hearted Man.)

Posted by Warren at September 21, 2004 11:19 PM | Outsider