November 04, 2004

Hip Hop Resistance In Exile: Myanmar Future Generation

Myanmar is a country that has spent the past forty years under the dictatorial rule of successive military regimes. In that time, these regimes have effectively destroyed civil rights, attempted to ethnically cleanse the country of undesirable minorities, amassed a slave labour force comparable to that which existed in the US prior to emancipation, and tried to brutally silence any form of dissent including political hip hop. In that arena, one of the current regime's prime targets is Myanmar Future Generation, a posse of up to sixteen Burmese in exile who write hip hop anthems that are highly critical of the Burmese junta. They have been going for a year now and recently released their first full length album on the net. Their choice of this, over of methods of distribution, was based on the hope that it would make their music more accessible to young people back in Myanmar. (They also released karaoke version of their songs, with songsheets in Burmese, to encourage the kids to download and sing along.) Their album can be downloaded from this site.

Posted by Warren at November 4, 2004 10:14 PM | Hip Hop