November 10, 2004

Listening To The Sky…

With massive solar storms causing the polar aurora to venture far into temperate skies, now seemed like the perfect time to post these sites set up by boffins who use Very-Low-Frequency radio receivers to produce audio portraits of the EMF emissions that seethe through this planet's atmosphere.

Over at NASA, they have an audio stream of sounds picked up by their VLF receiver in Huntsville, Alabama. By and large, they emanate from far off thunderstorms that produce a lovingly categorised array of noises with names likes sferics, tweeks and whistlers. (via Web Zen)

Stephen McGreevy also records low-frequency atmospheric sounds but he heads out into the action; monitoring the aurora borealis in Northern Alberta, or travelling to RF noise free environments like Death Valley to capture “whistler showers”. He has a wide variety of sound files of recordings from these field trips on his website, and also has CDs for sale.

Posted by Warren at November 10, 2004 10:58 PM | Field Recordings