December 31, 2004

We Kicked Hussein's Butt: Songs Written By John Lennon... In The Afterlife

You might think John Lennon’s untimely death in 1980 would spell the end of his career as a songwriter but, according to spirit medium Linda J Polley, nothing could be further from the truth. Back in 1998, Linda and her husband Gerald first made contact with the spirit of John Lennon who was, at the time, working on choral arrangements with Johann Sebastian Bach. Since then, the former Beatle has become a regular correspondent with Mrs Polley and through her he has passed on the lyrics and melodies to over 100 songs written during his time in the Afterlife; songs which apparently have ”helped hold The Kingdom Of God (Heaven) where he now resides, together during the troubled times There in the last few years”.
When compared with his output while on this mortal coil, the new material exhibits a startling swing to the right. Gone are the pinko peacenik sentiments of old; replaced with gung-ho celebrations of the war in Iraq (Hussein’s Butt Song) and ringing endorsements of rising Republican stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger (Goodbye Davis!). There’s even a song of support for beleaguered popstar Micheal Jackson (We Love You Michael!)
Following George Harrison’s ascension to Heaven in 2001, John was able to put together a band called Beatles and Friends which is currently touring to rave archangel reviews. And, on the personal front, he has recently “officially divorced his former partner Yoko Ono Lennon for her support of homosexuality” and married a dancer named Mary Marie Francesca. (via outsider music mailing list and Museum of Hoaxes)

Posted by Warren at December 31, 2004 12:28 AM | Death & After