February 24, 2005

If You Visit Only One New Weird-Shit Mp3 Blog This Week... Make It Cake And Polka Parade

Cake_And_Polka.jpg“Please visit my blog, I think you would enjoy some of it”… When I got this modest little email invitation to visit Cake and Polka Parade recently, the last thing I expected was the wondrous assortment of brain-curdling weirdness that I found…

In a scroll through the most recent entries, I was confronted with live recordings by legendary SF angry-painting-come-to-life-punk collective, Caroliner Rainbow; a psychiatric patient’s rantings about Lionel Ritchie’s dick; trombone, tuba ‘n’ drum mutilations of the Stooges; a Herschell Gordon Lewis kiddie movie (!?); a field recording of Belize crackheads; and some sober and respectable selections from naturalist Douglas Quin’s album of Antarctic wildlife sounds.

The pieces de resistance, however, were a pair of the most bizarre online movies that I have seen in ages. First up is Kana Hakkliha, an Estonian commercial for some kind of processed poultry product which plays like the fevered nightmare of a highly troubled vegan. It consists of intercut shots of a chicken, minced meat being extruded from a grinder, the preparation of a deep-fried culinary atrocity, and big coiffed 80’s models snarfing away at the end of the food chain. Underscoring these images is a creepy soundtrack on which increasingly echo-laden and frantic vocals intone the name of the product…

But even that seems mild and innocuous when compared with the Japanese vomit fetish game show... A doe-eyed teenage girl consumes noodles then proceeds to regurgitate them over the head of another teenage girl, occasionally glancing coyly at the camera in search of affirmation. All the while, an adult female compere in see-through lingerie prowls around in the background occasionally delivering snippets of commentary. (Extremely NSFW. You have been warned.)

All this in only two months... (And he even throws in some of his own fucked-up juvenilia... GET ME A VIBRATOR FROM THE CLOSET!) Greg Jacobsen, we salute you!

Posted by Warren at February 24, 2005 10:54 PM | Mp3 Blogs