June 07, 2005

Rock Jack: A Three-Year Old Child, a Karaoke Machine, and A Trash Rawk Band

Rock_Jack.jpgThere are no doubt a lot of waywardly talented kids like three year old Ezra Lux, who – if you put them in front of a children’s karaoke machine mike – would turn into seriously rocking kindergarten punk banshees. But, for the most part , they’re just humoured in the hope that they’ll one day “grow out of it”. Ezra, however, has a parent in the San Francisco music scene who has not only encouraged him to kick out the jams, he’s put a together a band who provide solid punk-metal backing to Ezra’s shouted-out rants about toilet usage and Darth Vader. The result is Jack Rock, whose first self-released CD has just found its way on to the shelves at Aquarius Records (if you want a copy, they do mail order). If you want a taste of the Jack Rock post-toddler-core sound, check out the samples on MySpace music.

Posted by Warren at June 7, 2005 10:40 PM | Outsider