December 01, 2005

Erotic Aerobics

Aerobic.jpgFor the benefit of Friday Brekkie listeners, here’s the link to the mp3s of Erotic Aerobics which were posted on the WFMU blog by Station Manager Ken a couple of weeks ago. Despite track titles like The Lover’s Lunge and The Shameless Shake, this 1982 album of suggestive workouts is a lot less sordid than you might expect. The faux-French instructor Pierre Raymonde is obviously a devout disciple of the old seductive threesome of soft lights, champagne and Bolero, and tries to inject this sort of “mood” into his routines. As you might expect, though, the results are more inadvertently comical than arousing… But what else would you expect from 1982? Download and enjoy.

Posted by Warren at December 1, 2005 07:19 PM | Sex