December 24, 2005

Folk Songs For The Five Points

Five_Points.jpgAnd while we’re on the subject of remixed field recordings, here’s an inspired online project, initiated by the New York Tenement Museum, which sets out to explore the formation of identity in a place in terms of the sounds of that place.

On a map of New York’s Lower East Side, a series of dots are displayed which correspond to site-specific recordings of ambient noise, musical performances and interviews with local residents. By moving the positions of five interconnected points, a visitor can create and save a mix of these recordings to produce their own environmental sound “folk song”. (via We Make Money Not Art)

A lovely idea, beautifully realised… And something for you to play with and enjoy over the festive season.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Posted by Warren at December 24, 2005 12:17 AM | Interactive Stuff