January 06, 2008

Bless Her Cotton Socks! A Xmas Present From Kevin Blechdom

Blechdom.jpgThese days, it's fairly common for a big name artist to release downloadable versions of a handful of tracks on their website. How often though do you see a whole (or most thereof) back catalogue? Shortly before Christmas, oddball electronica maestro Kristin Erickson (aka Kevin Blechdom) put up her entire solo output, two Blectum From Blechdom CDs, and a host of early works from the Erickson family band, Adult Rodeo. And it's all free! (Top that, Radiohead!)

If you're yet to be exposed to Kevy B's oeuvre, prepare to enter a magical world of icky sex, cheesy romance, bad hygiene and pornographic animal experimentation. Here, as a taster, are two tracks off her 2005 album, Bitches Without Britches. The first is a banjo-driven foot-stomper with some of her most luridly off-colour lyrics; the second contains possibly the only reference to Kid 606's penis in all popular music.

Kevin Blechdom - Binaca
Kevin Blechdom - Mister Miguel

(And the best of this is yet to come... In the very near future, Kev will hopefully be posting pdfs of the seriously depraved cartoon inserts that accompany her releases.)

Posted by Warren at January 6, 2008 09:54 PM | Electronica