March 29, 2008

From Vietnam With Love

Onra.jpgLooking for tasty hip-hop instrumental remixes of retro Vietnamese pop? How about if such aforementioned remixes were part of an attempt by the producer to connect with his cultural heritage? And proceeds from album sales were going to a good cause?

Well, thatís what you get with Chinoiseries, an album by French DJ Onra which came out of a visit to the land of his grandparents, Vietnam. While he was there, a local taxi driver helped him acquire 30 platters of 50ís & 60ís Viet-pop, and an orphanage worker named M. Hoa inspired him to produce something that might raise money for local street kids.

The 32 tracks on this album are all short, loop based affairs that revel in the melodies and crackly textures of their battered vinyl source materials. Here are two sample tracks:

The Anthem - Onra
I Wanna Go Back - Onra

The album can be purchased from Piccadilly Records and proceeds go to La Goutte díEau.

Posted by Warren at March 29, 2008 12:22 AM | Hip Hop | World