April 30, 2008

GG Allin on Pitchfork TV

GGAllin.jpgFor the next couple of days, Pitchfork TV are offering us the chance to watch Hated, the notorious documentary about GG Allin, one of the most extreme performers ever to front a punk band. As lead singer of his band, the Murder Junkies, Allin's stage act often involved bloody self-harm, defecation on stage, and the flinging of faeces and food extracted from his anus at the crowd. When not engaged in such antics, Allin screamed his way through songs with an invariably violent, nihilistic and misanthropic bent. According to Allin, in was all about bringing "danger" back into rock'n'roll, and it earned him a fervent cult following.

This doco by Todd Phillips focusses on a Murder Junkies tour in the late 80's and it includes much NSFW footage of Allin in action, along with evidence that he carries his posture of being anti-everything other than gutter-level perversion and random psychotic violence into everyday life. In addition, we get to meet some of the other "characters" in his band, like his doting Hitler-mustachioed brother, Merle, and a hippy drummer who performs naked because clothes irritate his skin. There are also great back story interviews with uncomprehending former teachers and bemused schoolmates; and a fan who shares John Wayne Gacy's assessment of GG's personal hygiene with us.

And, finally, let me repeat: this doco is very very NSFW...

Posted by Warren at April 30, 2008 08:17 PM | Videos