May 26, 2008

Group Doueh: Guitar Music From The Western Sahara

Doueh.jpgThe second most exciting piece of reissue news this week is that Group Doueh: Guitar Music From The Western Sahara has finally made it on to CD. Originally released on Sublime Frequencies last year as a strictly limited LP, it is one of the few releases on that label devoted to a single act. (As regular readers will know, their usual stock in trade is hallucinogenic radio collages.)

And its easy to see why the nabobs at Sublime Frequencies devoted a whole album to this stuff. This is some truly weird and wild fare - like a raucous, lo-fi B-side to the more refined Saharan guitar acts like Tinariwen. The song forms are quintessentially local but the rough electrification and effects were inspired by tapes of Jimi Hendrix and James Brown that the band leader, Baamar Salmou aka Doueh, picked up in the early eighties.

Group Doueh - Eid For Dahkla
Group Doueh - Wazan Samat

The album can be purchased from Sublime Frequencies.

(FOOTNOTE: Most exciting reissue news of the week? Superfuzz Bigmuff, natch)

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