November 14, 2008

To Defend Against Jozin From The Bog, Who Could Imagine, Only Works An Aircraft To Crop-Dusting

There is nothing you might love in this world that cannot be made more awesome with the addition of a little Jozin z Bazin. The Prodigy? Check! 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg? Check! Polish disco? Well, maybe less so... But the kids in Polska have still been going mental over the disco-fied version of this classic slab of Czech silliness

Jozin z Bazin, which tells the story of a bog monster from the sticks who eats city snobs and can only be defeated by a crop-duster (?!), was a domestic hit in the late 70's for the Ivan Mladek Banjo Band, a kind of Czech equivalent of the novelty skiffle bands that were all the rage in 50's English music halls.

The performance from Czech TV that has gained notoriety via YouTube is memorable for Mladek's louder-than-bombs plaid jacket, a bearded, less-drug-fucked prototype of Bez from The Happy Mondays, and a human non-sequitur who appears at the 2:00 mark and... well, just see it for yourself.

FURTHER MLADEK FUN FACT: This guy apparently invented a guitar-shaped synthesiser called the guitarino.

Posted by Warren at November 14, 2008 08:28 PM | Videos