November 20, 2008

Rummage Joins The Secret Society That Controls The Blogosphere

Illuminati.jpgOK, maybe that's overstating it a little... It's called Groove Network (that's what that skinny new header at the top of the site is all about) and its more like a modest (but growing) community of individuals who love music, music-making and/or nice warm valves; and are well-versed in the black arts of Teh-Blog.

Currently, the brethren of our Ancient Lodge includes the following Exalted Ones:

Noise Addicts (our spiritual leader who can rightfully refer to his exceptional site as an online magazine without fear of being called a wanker);

OddInstruments (who captivates us with fantastic instruments from around the world and fills us with unhealthy amounts of envy);

Duck and Cover (who are masters of indie reviewry and will probably be rich and famous before the rest of us can the find the stairs that lead out of our basements);

Contrapuntist (who writes long, thoughtful posts about music and things other than music, and damn well deserved to be on Huffington Post. Bastards!);

USO (who are Matteo Milani and Federico Placidi, who are accomplished and well-respected digital/electroacoutic musicians);

Bleepology (who arouses us with write-ups and images of come-hither-patch-cable modular synths and barely mounted hardware);

DIY Audio Projects (who are the kings of crackling vacuum tube hi-fi boffinery);

Frequency Blog (who are the gearhound's gearhounds);

Waveformless (who is Tom, a professional electronic musician with impeccable taste in eBay gear-porn and a passion for Ultravox.)

And me (who well... um, not sure why I'm here... 50 Cent remixes of Czech folk songs, anyone?)

Posted by Warren at November 20, 2008 01:12 AM | Mp3 Blogs