September 29, 2004

The Obsolete Format That Refuses To Die: 8-Track Tapes

Sure, making music on obsolete technology is fairly common and unremarkable, but what about actually releasing it on a format that has (commercially speaking) been dead for almost two decades? Well, that's what electronic musician Dan Witkoske does... In the past year, he has brought out not one, but two... eight-track tape only releases! (For those too young to remember, the eight track tape was "state of art" late 60's-70's audio technology which was eventually killed off by the cheaper, longer and easier to record audio cassette.) Although he seems to be the only artist who's producing 8-track recordings right now, he's certainly not the only one who's done so in recent times. Over at 8-track Heaven, they've compiled a list of 17 8-track releases that have come out in the last decade or so. Stylistically, you'll find anything there from experimental electronica to good ole surf rock. (The surf rock entrant came about because the record's producer wanted to listen to it on the 8-track player in his '72 Buick!)

If you don't have a 8-track and you're intrigued to hear what Mr Witkoske's music sounds like, then you can download some tracks in the shockingly modern mp3 format from

(FOOTNOTE: If you do head on over to 8-Track Heaven, make sure you also check out the Ever Seen One Of These? section, which features the only horse-mounted hi-fi I've ever seen!)

(Many thanks to Geoff on the Sound Scavenger mailing list for putting me on to this.)

Posted by Warren at 10:03 PM