February 17, 2005

How To Belly Dance For Fun! Health! Profit!

Belly_Dance.jpgFrom the spring of 2002 onwards, Portland belly dancer Marisa Young has been web-casting a weekly show of thrift-store-sourced vintage belly dancing music called Radio Bastet. And now, as a complement to her regular net-radio outings, she is posting a monthly downloadable album on her site. This monthís offering (itís the second in the series) is a 1972 instructional record called How To Belly Dance For Fun! Health! Profit! The course is conducted by Jodette, whose belly dancing teaching career stretches back to the early 1960ís, and is divided into nine lessons which start off with The Entrance, then cover all the major body part movements (hips, belly, bust, etc) before concluding with The Traditional Belly Dance Yell.

It all sounds like good educational fun and, if you tune into Friday Brekkie over the next couple of months, weíll be playing a lesson a week (starting either this week or next). Can you think of a better way of starting the day?

Posted by Warren at 09:48 PM