October 27, 2005

They're All Here! They're All Positively Alive!

Sideshow.jpgAs a companion piece to the earlier posting of livestock auctioneers, here’s an album of recordings of pitches and grinds* delivered by sideshow spruikers, which have been posted on the WFMU blog. The pitches on the album include entreaties to gawp at freaks, squint at fleas, gasp in awe at motorcycling daredevils, and partake of libations that will rid your body of the “filth, mucus, fecal matter, maggots, and even worms” that lurk within. What in the world are waiting for! Crowd up there!
(* : A "grind" is like a faster, more rhythmic and repetitive version of the standard sideshow pitch.)

Posted by Warren at 10:20 PM