February 17, 2005

No Motherland Without You: Kim Jong Il Birthday Special

Kim_Jong_Il.jpgWednesday was apparently the 63rd birthday of nuclear sabre-rattler, sometime film producer, and old-style Stalinist dictator, Kim Jong Il, so (for whatever reason) Anthony has decided to “commemorate” this event on the show tomorrow. Naturally, I will be providing the music for this “commemoration” and I can think of nothing better than this piece of cheesy DPRK-export synth-pop by the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble called Reunification Rainbow. It comes from a site called Pyongyang Metro, which includes a collection of patriotic songs played on Pyongyang subway trains.

Or, alternatively, we could drag out an old Friday Brekkie fave, Fucking USA. It’s the soundtrack to an anti-American propaganda video that was first featured on the site of that notable North Korean pop-propaganda bower bird, Rob Pongi. (Currently, that link is slightly NSFW) Originally, the video had subtitles (which obviously didn’t translate well to radio) so we overdubbed English versions of its incendiary lyrics. Download and enjoy (or face the consequences).

Posted by Warren at 10:46 PM