June 30, 2008

Nuevo Lo-Fi De Monterrey

Xyx.jpgRight now, the warm throbbing heart of the whole lo-fi-DIY-indie-punk-post-punk-whatever scene is Columbus, Ohio, home to such lovable scuzz-meisters as Times New Viking and Psychedelic Horseshit. Giving them a serious run for their money, though, are a handful of acts from Monterrey, Mexico with a similar love for damaged punk and rough-and-ready recordings.

The standard bearers of this nuevo lo-fi scene are Los Llamarada, who revel in ear-bleedingly overdriven guitars, song "structures" that alternate between Dead C distorto-drift and hyped-up Stooges chug, and recordings that sound like they were made on a Walkman held aloft at one of their shows. Although they have gained the bulk of the coverage so far, other notable bands that are starting to register on the radar are scrappy art-punkers Ratas Del Vaticanos; and XYX, who have only released one 7-inch to date, but have a talent for big hooks and fiendish knob-twiddling which suggests they will go far.

Los Llamarada - Nobody Calls Me
Ratas Del Vaticano - Olvido
XYX - Nunca
XYX - Microvibracciones

If you want to purchase product from any of these band then your first, and only, stop is Nene Records.

Posted by Warren at 11:34 AM