December 09, 2004

Make Your Own Christmas Party Mash-Up

No audio editing software. No experience with remixing… No problem!
For a limited time, pro-audio gear and software maker, Mackie, are giving away their highly-respected general purpose music production suite, Tracktion, for free (registration required). This snazzy little app lets you record and edit multiple tracks of audio and MIDI, add banks of filters to your clips, and even has a built-in sampler. And once you’ve got your head around its not-too-difficult interface, this article will give you all the techniques and tricks you’ll need to assemble your very own floor-clearing mash-ups of Shooby Taylor and Armin Van Buuren. (via the all-knowing music thing)

And while we’re on the “how-to” kick, here’s a great six-step guide to producing traditional dub reggae.

Posted by Warren at 01:21 AM