July 08, 2008

The End Of Rummage As A Radio Segment

Rummage_Final.jpgAfter five long years, Rummage Through The Crevices' presence on the Sydney airwaves is no more. To all those who tuned in to us over that time, we say thank you and hope you will continue to frequent this site which will remain a source of ongoing forays into the endlessly fascinating world of the musically unusual and idiosyncratic.

In our final radio segment, we featured Chinga Chavin's infamous 1976 album, Country Porn. Here are the two tracks we played from this collection of "dirty ditties, sextalgia and porn on the cob":

Chinga Chavin - Asshole From El Paso
Chinga Chavin - Cum Stains on My Pillow (Where Your Sweet Head Used To Be)

The rest of the album can be downloaded from the WFMU blog. (Oh yes, and its NSFW... but that should possibly be obvious from at least one of the aforementioned song titles.)

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February 22, 2005

Thunder Road By Robert Mitchum

Hunter.jpgAlthough I’m fairly late in posting, I just wanted to throw up a small tribute to the Great Man who passed away on Sunday. It’s the opening track from a compilation of his favourite songs called Where We’re You When The Fun Stopped, which was released in 1999 by Rough Trade. It’s called Thunder Road, and it’s the title track from a 1958 film, penned by and starring Robert Mitchum, which follows the story of a Kentucky moonshiner who battles US Treasury and big city mobs in a fight to keep his small-time family hooch business going. It has been called something of a “cult film”, but for people in the Appalachian region (which includes Kentucky, where Hunter S Thompson was born) this was a mainstream blockbuster; the equivalent of “Gone With The Wind wrapped with Citizen Kane”… Goodbye and mahalo, Hunter S Thompson.

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