September 05, 2004

Rock Against Howard

Here's something that truly warms the cockles of this crabby old lefty's heart. A 2 CD set of "blazing anti-Howard anthems" released just in time for the Australian federal election. And the good news is there's lot of funny material on it, and a lot of serious spleen-venting vitriol - some of it even downright slanderous!... Nice!...

The collection was put together by Frenzal Rhomb's Lindsay McDougall, so its heavily weighted towards snotty skater punk. In addition to that, though, you get indie/shoegazer, hip hop, 60's pop, rockabilly, country, cabaret, and even a death metal track with the rather surreal and disturbing title of "Keep On Raping In The Free World (Voting Booth Rape With The Democratic Dildo of Death)". (In other words, something for everyone!)

I strongly urge all of you to go out and buy this worthy but enjoyable compilation. All the tracks on it were donated by the artists, so all proceeds from its sale go to refugee charities, through the Refugee Action Coalition. If its not at your local record store, then you can pick up a copy from Shock Records.

As an incentive, I've uploaded two of my fave tracks: TISM's classic ode to heartless right-wing self-interest, The Phillip Ruddock Blues; and I'm Sorry, a silly but serious cut-up of our own Inglorious Leader's voice with cheesy 80's disco backing. I'll also throw in a link to the website of hip hop outfit Toekeo, where you can download an mp3 of the track with the best title on the album, John Howard Is A Filthy Slut. (The site even has an acapella version so you can do your own mash-up remix. If you do, send it in and we'll play it on the directed sound PA that's going up outside Kirribilli House in the final week of the election campaign.)

(FOOTNOTE: If you live in the Darlinghurst/Paddington area, go into Disc Specialists and ask about the CD. Maybe it'll encourage those lame-arse hipsters to actually get it in stock.)

Posted by Warren at 10:50 AM

June 17, 2004

John Kerry: Presidential Candidate & Garage Rocker

John Kerry, electric bass, is a resident of Oslo, Norway, and the producer of a pulsating rhythm that lends tremendous force to all the members...

As a former bass player in an indie band, I was rather chuffed to learn that John Kerry, the man who will hopefully oust George W, was once a four string plucker as well. Back in the early 60ís, he was part of the rhythm section of a prom dance circuit band called the Electras, who actually released an album on RCA. (This puts him one up on Bill Clinton who only ever played the saxophone as a hobby.) Naturally, this album has recently been reissued.
For more info, go to Kerry Rocks (a gushing little fan-site which has an mp3 medley from the Electrasí album along with photos of Mr Kerry kiteboarding and hanging out with John Lennon.) (via Sharpeworld)

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