December 31, 2004

Poorly-Judged End Of Year Prediction: 2005 Will Be The Year of Smoosh

Smoosh is a Seattle duo consisting 11 year old Asya, who sings and plays keyboards, and 9 year old Chloe, who plays the drums. Unlike other acts of such tender years who get by on cuteness alone, this duo possesses serious songwriting ability and solid rocking chops. Just listen to this track entitled Massive Cure from their debut album She Like Electric. Itís a stomping little gem that just seems too musically mature for such wee moppets. And it easily outrocks anything by the current crop of faux naÔf songstresses who pretend to sound like 11 year olds. (Hello, Coco RosieÖ) Download the track, share it around, buy the album, and letís get the bandwagon rollingÖ Smoosh Ė 2005ís Arcade FireÖ (via david f presents)

OK, thatís me done for the year. I hope you found some stuff here that interested/amused you, and I hope you all have a happy and fulfilling 2005. To mark the passing of this annus shithousus, hereís a cartoon horror theme rendering of Auld Lang Syne by three-theremin-and-one-guitar outfit, The Lothars. (Thanks to Music For Maniacs for the link.) See you all next year.

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Posted by Warren at 05:17 PM