May 28, 2004

Cookie Mongoloid: Brought To You By The Number 666

I’ve always thought that the Cookie Monster would make one hellraiser of a death metal vocalist... And it seems I’m not alone in that…
Cookie Mongoloid are a "Sesame Street-themed speed metal band" (which is bit of a misnomer as the music is more mid-tempo grind). They come complete with a lead singer in full leathers and a Cookie Monster head, and a scantily clad bevy of Cookie Girls who “throw treats into the audience”. Their repertoire includes such “educational” numbers as C Is For Cookie, The Number 6 and Wash Yourself (…!?) All good clean fun, which recently earned them a Best Concept Band guernsey from the San Francisco Weekly. COOOO-KKIE!!

Posted by Warren at May 28, 2004 10:24 PM | Metal