June 02, 2004

Dear Mistress Louise, I Am A Pervert: Dirty Fan Male
(Originally aired 5th March 2003)

Dirty Fan Male is a CD of recordings of fan letters sent to porn stars and Page 3 girls. The letters are from the private collection of Johnny Trunk, the eponymous head of Trunk Records, a British label that specializes in cheesy vintage erotica and zombie biker film soundtracks; and the recordings themselves were done in single takes by a man named Wisbey, who seems to be blessed with a collection of accents that would rival even the late Peter Sellers.

The results of all this prurient documentation are frequently bizarre, LOL hilarious and downright disturbing, but occasionally, they are also rather poignantů Revealing desperately lonely men who imagine that they can forge some deeper emotional connections with images of women served up to them as wank fodder. (For the most part though, these guys are just unashamed perverts!)

The album can be purchased from the Trunk Records site, which also has a selection of amusing audio samples.

Posted by Warren at June 2, 2004 11:36 PM | Sex