September 10, 2004

Battle Flute & Harmonica: The Mad Skills of Tim Barsky and Yuri Lane

Tim Barsky and Yuri Lane are two insanely-talented beatboxers who spit out killer rhythm lines and play wind instruments - at the same time! Barsky's instrument of choice is the flute; Lane's is the harmonica. You can check them out by going to their web-sites where they both have an mp3 and quicktime video of them droppin' their instru-vocal science. (Here's the direct link to Barsky's track, Sophisticated Maybe; and here's the direct link to Lane's, Harmonica!) Da bomb, as they say...

(FOOTNOTE: In addition to being masters on the mike, Tim and Yuri both write beatbox musicals for the stage. Barsky's most recent work, The Bright River, is a tour of the after-life which incorporates elements from the other artform he is versed in - traditional Ashkenazi Jewish storytelling. Lane's latest offering, From Tel Aviv To Ramallah, deals with the Israel-Palestine conflict.)

Posted by Warren at September 10, 2004 06:43 PM | Hip Hop