September 11, 2004

Société Mutuelle D'Admiration

I was quite chuffed to get a posting recently from French mp3 blogger, David Fenech. So I visited his LiveJournal site, and was even more delighted to discover that he is a musician in his own right who seems to specialise in woozy, quirked-out musical non sequiturs... There aren't many common threads in what I've heard of his work. Stylistically, it veers from tumbling Tom Waits-esque guitar numbers backed by balloon-squeal keyboards, to pinched falsetto torch songs warbled over synthesized scissors, to stop-start post-punk spazz-fests. (There's even a cover version of Ring My Bell that delightfully parodies the vocoder fetishes of more well-known French acts like Daft Punk.) In other words, its the sort of stuff that your life is incomplete without, so get your arse over to Demosaurus right now and download everything this twisted bastard has to offer... Oh, and you might like to buy one of his albums as well.

Posted by Warren at September 11, 2004 02:40 PM | Mp3 Blogs