November 06, 2004

Play Harry Partch's Instruments and Tweak The Hammond Flower

And now a couple of online Flash playthings that I've come across recently. First up, is a set of virtual instruments based on music-making devices created by legendary American composer and patron saint of weird instrument builders, Harry Partch. In the collection, you will find the boo, the chromolodeon, a variety of modified marimbas, cloud chamber bowls, kitharas, and other just intonation goodies. (In some cases, the playing of the instruments is accompanied by matching stills of Partch et al striking the notes so you can create some great jerky performance animations as well.) These virtual instruments come courtesy of the American Mavericks radio series.

For something a wee bit more abstract, try the Hammond Flower, a series of radiating triangulated faders that control the levels of a set of Hammond organ chords... Another interesting experiment in musical interfaces and a glorious waster of time... (via Waxy)

Posted by Warren at November 6, 2004 10:40 PM | Interactive Stuff