November 07, 2004

Pick a struggling rock band and turn their small gig into the best show of their lives...

I love these people!... Improv Everywhere are a group of NYC actors who "cause events" like synchronised swimming in an ankle deep fountain, birthday parties for complete strangers, and groups of subway commuters wearing no pants. Their latest project is to find a band from out of town who has come to New York and been stuck playing the shittiest gig imaginable - the sort of thing that would only attract three punters at best - and swamp the venue with "agents" who will act like rabid fans and turn it into the best show of the band's career. The first recipients of this honour were Vermont group, Ghosts of Pasha, who got a funny feeling about the adoration they were receiving but used it as a springboard to rock out like they never had before. And, when they ultimately found out the truth, they still remained grateful to have got an audience in the Big Apple they could play off... And that's your feel-good story for the weekend. (via Metafilter)

Posted by Warren at November 7, 2004 12:17 AM | Gigs