May 05, 2005

Ice Cream Van Music Update: A Moment Of Taiwanese Garbage Collection Weirdness

Last week, I posted a link about Music Thing's research into the origins of ice cream van music and in response, I received the following comment from Rummage reader and fellow blogger, Bummpy:

I recently got back from a trip to visit my brother in Taipei.

I figured I'd jump on and fill you in on interesting tid-bit of information.

Taipei is such a densely packed metropolis, there's no easy way to coordinate garbage removal. So the way they got around this was to mount speakers to the garbage trucks to let people know they are coming. Only thing about it is that they play the same music ice cream trucks play back in the states. It's completely bazaar.

He promised a couple of video samples, and here's one of them which comes complete with commentary worth bottling (then later sampling)... Yes, the music your hear... is a freaking garbage truck... Not an ice cream truck... Its a freaking garbage truck... Its the truth, I shit you not...

Freaking great find, Bummpy!

Posted by Warren at May 5, 2005 01:16 AM | Everyday Sounds