May 09, 2005

My Burka It Is Blue

Burka.jpgA bit of a blast from the recent past via Music For Maniacs: It’s the debut single from The Burka Band, a group of young women from Kabul who came together during a series of musical workshops conducted in that city by the German record label ata tak back in late 2002. In keeping with their name, they perform in burkas, and write songs about… burkas. In this one, which was a hit in Germany in 2003, a drolly comic rap about this formerly mandatory item of female attire (… my mother wears a burka… my father does it too… I have to wear a burka… the burka it is blue...) is intoned in nursery-rhyme style over stout, echoing drums and chirping, squelching guitar and synth. Very cute, very funny, and remixed by Barbara Morgenstern on the B-side.

Posted by Warren at May 9, 2005 01:56 AM | World