April 15, 2007

Canine Heart Beats, Music For Bladder Operations & A Song For Diabetic Kids: Medical Mp3s From 365 Days

Medical.jpgAs many of you are probably aware, the sequel to The 365 Days Project recently passed its 100th day, and seeing as the Rummage radio segment was originally inspired by the first 365 Days Project (the segment started back in July 2003 when the Project was in full swing, and Otis Fodder was the first person I ever interviewed on air), I’ve decided to devote tomorrow’s segment to an interesting sub-genre that’s been featured in the first 100 days of 365 Days No. 2 – medical mp3s. Here’s some examples:

Canine Heart Sounds - Band 1 (Normal Heart Sounds) – From an album of 21 recordings of dogs’ heartbeats, both normal and abnormal, which was released by the EVSCO Pharmaceutical Corp. in 1970. In addition to the sounds of the hearts, we get introductory comments by Stephen Ettinger, DVM. The full set of recordings can be downloaded here.

Tableau of A Lithotomy by Marin Morais – In itself, the album that this was released on is a bizarre enough artifact – a record put out by a laxative company to help promote its products. But even without the context, this is something truly jaw-dropping – a musical description of a bladder operation by 17th century viola de gamba maestro, Marin Morais. The score for the composition, which served largely as vehicle for Morais to demonstrate his virtuosity on the viola de gamba, was accompanied by annotations that described the progress of the operation. These have been included on this recording as a faux olde English voiceover. (Link to original 365 Days post)

We’re Diabetic by Pat Morris – A catchy piece of Madness-influenced pop which was written to help diabetic kids feel more comfortable about their condition. It includes light-hearted instruction on urine testing, insulin injection, diet and exercise. (Link to original 365 Days post)

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