April 17, 2007

People Try To Put Us Down: The Zimmers

This is about old people sticking it back to the society that has cast them aside…

So says Tim Samuels, a documentary maker who recently brought together 40 British senior citizens to perform this rousing version of The Who’s My Generation, which was recorded in Abbey Road Studios and has become something of a hit on YouTube. The group, which has been christened The Zimmers, includes video-blog star Peter Oakley aka Geriatric1927 and an actor who has appeared in Little Britain, but apart from that they’re all largely unknown amateurs. Despite this, they’re unfazed by the occasion and throw themselves into the material with gusto. The resulting video is a lot of fun, particularly when the 90 year old lead singer croons “Hope I die before I get old” with a straight face, but it also delivers a moment of unexpected poignancy, when one member holds up a sign that says “I’ve Not Left My Flat In Three Years” during the bass lead break… I look forward to their version of The Prodigy’s “Firestarter” (also part of their repertoire).

My Generation by The Zimmers can be purchased online as of May 21, and all proceeds will go to Age Concern.

Posted by Warren at April 17, 2007 08:53 PM | Outsider