October 30, 2008

New Zealand Robot Musician Army

Tron.jpgA block away from where I live is a barber-shop-cum-music-venue known as Sedition, which occasionally hosts visiting avant-garde musicians and groups... Recently, for instance, we were treated to an evening of vocal drone, noise and knob twiddle by Campbell Keane, the noisenik behind Birchville Cat Motel.

Although it probably doesn't fit their brief, the space is perfect for the Trons, a robot band from Hamilton, NZ, who churn out agreeable chunks of Clean-influenced robo-pop. Here they are on YouTube, flexing their solenoids and presenting a solid argument for the redundancy of singer/songwriters.

FOOTNOTE: To support them, maybe we could get The Three Sirens

Posted by Warren at October 30, 2008 12:46 AM | Robot Music