October 29, 2008

Group Inerane: More Kick-Arse Guitar Music From Saharan Africa

Group_Inerane.jpgWithout doubt, the most exciting guitar music in the world today is emanating from Saharan Africa... You may, for instance, have heard of Tuareg refugee supergroup, Tinariwen; or, if you're a regular of this site, Group Doueh.

Well now, you can add Group Inerane to that list. Although they're geographically close to Tinariwen (that group hails from Southern Libya and Inerane are from Niger), their sound is closer to Group Doueh's lazily looping rough-as-guts rifforama. Here's a track from their Sublime Frequencies release:

Group Inerane - Kuni Majagani

Posted by Warren at October 29, 2008 11:29 PM | World